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During any centuries Persian cats were ones of the most popular in the world. Good and true friends of a man, they are also famous of its beauty and harmony. In 1887 this breed was accepted by the Britain society of the cats’ owners, and became one of the first official breeds of home cats.

In the beginning of 1960 the Persian breed of cats already had the most different colors and quantity. As a result of selection this breed became perfect and look like the modern one, but two opposite types of the breed appeared. Traditional classic type one, also called European, of the English breeding and Extreme American type.

The both types of the Persian cats are discussed between the breeders, who divided into two groups: the keepers of the Traditional Classic ones, and those breeders, who accepted only American Extreme ones as the opposite to archaic classics. By the way, there are many clubs, societies and breeders of the Persian classic cats in the world. These cats are favorites between famous and simple people as well.

Our sight is devoted to Classic Persian cats in details & nuances. We tried to collect much different and useful information about these the most beautiful creatures. Our sight is developing all the time.

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