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Recommendations regarding the care a cat


1. Dignity of Persian cats

Persian cats have a calm character, they are very kind and attached to the  owner, not "to the place." Persians hardly bear noise and bustling around.

2. The first steps of a cat in your home

Bringing cat home, do not let her run around the apartment, let it remain for a day or two in one room, while you will see that it is somewhat accustomed. In the same room, and put the toilet tray.

3. Food.

Kittens under 6 months is better to give curd mixed with the warm milk, until it will have consistency of sour cream. Also we recommended to give boiled eggs, well cooked chicken, raw beef. It is also possible to make a milk porridge, but be attentive, some kittens can have digestive problems. After 3 months, you can add dry food. Animals must be fed super - premium dry food , such as: «Royal Canin», «Hill's» and others. Such firms also produce preserves. Dry foods have different tastes, such as tuna, chicken, lamb, rabbit, and for different purposes: for kittens, for animals from 1 to 6 years, for the animals after 6 years, for the elderly animals, for a weak stomach and intestines etc. It's very important to put fresh water near the food, filtered water is better to give. But the boiled water can make stiffness in the vertebrae of the tail.

It should be remembered that the temperature of the food should always be lower than the room temperature. We believe that it is better to give mixed feeding, natural food and industrial food (dry and wet). Once a day, the cat must eat raw beef, rabbit, turkey meat, chicken you need to cook. Once a week - beef liver and egg (better quail), every two weeks may be given low-fat varieties of fish. The fish river must be cooked. Once a day, you can give milk products: yogurt, fermented baked milk. If your cat is eating fruits and vegetables - it's very good! Do not feed your cat pork! Do not feed the cat waste from our table, as follows: cat contraindicated fried, boiled with salt and spices food.

Once a season, the cat should be given vitamins. Also you should give a special paste and food against the hairballs. Also you can use liquid paraffin every 10 days.

 4. Care tips.

Persians are gentle animals and afraid of drafts. Persian cats need regular brushing. Wash – once a month, using a professional shampoo for long-haired animals, for example, All System, Biogroom. After washing, it’s important to use a dryer, otherwise the cat, can swallow a lot of hair, when will be licking itself. It’s better to straighten cat’s hair with a brush while drying it. Be careful! Do not leave cats near the open windows, they can fall out of them. If you decided to have a cat, it is important to put the grids on the windows. More information about the grids, you can find here.Many houseplants are toxic to the cats.

Street shoes and dirty hands - are the potential infections for animals.


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