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Cats Show

The International Cat Show of Club “MOKLK Valensia” "Golden Autumn" was in Moscow 16-17.11. 2013.

On the second day of the exhibition 17.11.2013 there was a monobreed show of Persian breed and Exotic shorthair breed , it is noteworthy that two Persian cats inbreed types of classic and extreme were participated on an equal in the show , there were presented different colors: red, blue, black marble , black silver , silver shaded and cameo. Show was held by the expert WCF AB Tamara Gulyanskaya which told about the development of the Persian breed and gave a detailed description of each member of the ring. Monobreed show Persians and Exotics held with lively audience participation . The winner of the monobreed Persian cat's show became a classical type male from Pavlovsky Posad MO Anna's Cats Almaz, color black silver , the owners are Lina and Alexander Scheblenkovy . It's important to emphasize that the cat Anna's Cats Almaz by results on the second day of the exhibition «Best in Show» also received the title of Best neuter. The best adult of the monobreed show was also recognized by the Persian classical type, a red color male Anna's Cats Atos, the owner is Anna Anokhina . There were also noted a blue color Persian male of classical type Almaz and a junior female Diana , color cameo. 



Report from the show




March 16-17, 2013. The International Cat Show of Club “KLK Moskva” "CAT SPRING SALON" was in Moscow.

 For the first time in Russia WCF monobreed show of Persian cats had two separate shows: Classic Persian Cats monobreed show and Extreme Persian Cats monobreed show.


Report  from the Show



January 16-17, 2010

 The Persian Classical monobreed Cats Show was in Moscow



The story about the Persian Classical monobreed Cats Show

 Classical or old european type of persian cats always have a lot of fans all over the world. On the 16 and 17 of January 2010, at Moscow Exhibition Centre, during the advertising exhibition and kittens sale FK "Alliance" « Winter Parade kittens-2010»  on the Tishinskaya Square,  was an excibition of classical Persian type cats and also a monobreed Cats Show.

This action was made by initiative group of classical persian cat’s fanciers. It was a highly anticipated event for professional breeders, and for the amateurs of classical Persian.

The visitors of the exhibition could admire the beautiful and graceful classical Persian cats for 2 days. The show was attended by cats and kittens of various colors. The event was held in a warm, festive atmosphere, literally in the same breath. The

owners of Persian classics communicated among themselves with interest, specially came people who like classical Persian, or who want to get a Persian classic kitten. The WCF Judge AB, Larisa Ovchinnikova, played the main role of the event. She conducted a seminar for the participants, which were told about the history of the Persian breed and upcoming challenges in approving the Persian classical type as a distinct species or a particular type of inbreeding . Later LK Ovchinnikova made an expertise of the Persian classics, detailing each animal and talking about each of them. The culmination of the show was the Monobreed Persian classics show with the awarding prizes for the winners. The show was attended by 10 animals. The first place won the female named Cristina, as the most promising for breeding, according to experts, color black turtle, from the Anna's Cats cattery, the owner  is Anna Anokhina from Moscow. Second place got female Betty, color cameo red, the owner is Catherine Namyatova from Moscow. Third place - female Matilda, red color, from Anna's Cats cattery, the owner is Anna Anokhina.

The male Patritsy was particularly noted as a true Persian with perfectly proportioned head, color cream cameo, the owner is Natalia Salnikova from Moscow. He was recognized as an example for developing standards for the breed. Not only emotional speeches of the participants, but also the presence of the sample of the Persians, as they had been before, interested the expert to the project. The Persian classics owners received several applications for the kittens. People specially came to the exhibition to find a true Persian kitten. They passed many catteries, but the classics, which they found there, they do not like. “This is a completely different cat, beautiful in its own way, but the other" - they said. - "This is the so-called" improved "classics, and we want to get this-true Persian». The show participants received enthusiastic support of the audience, who were also concerned about the situation with the Persians. It means, the initiative group started this in time! During the event were taken pictures and some video. A groomer and a professional photographer were invited. 

Would like to thank all those who helped to carry the Persian Classical  monobreed Cats Show: Persian's Classical's breeders Anna Anokhina, Elena Burtseva, Nataliya Chepkaya, Nataliya Salnikova, the professional photographer Aleksey Brizgalov, the groomer Nataliya Samoylova,  Persian Classical's owners  Ekaterina and Aleksandr Namyatovy, Nataliya  Kuznetsova, Irina and Vadim Tsvetkovy, Nina Mamameva.



The Winner of the monobreed Cats Show

Golden Fleece Kristina of Anna's Cats, female, PER f. The owner Anna Anokhina, Moscow

Победитель шоу - кошечка нашего питомника Кристина, окрас черная черепаха, PER f



II place in the monobreed Cats Show

 Betty of Anna's Cats, female, PER ds, . The owner Ekaterina Namyatova, Moscow

Второе место- кошечка Бетти, окрас красный камео,  PER ds,
владелец Екатерина Намятова г. Москва



III place in the monobreed Cats Show.

 Matilda of Anna's Cats, female, PER d.  The owner Anna Anokhina, Moscow

Третье место- кошечка нашего питомника Матильда,окрас красный, PER d



IV place in the monobreed Cats Show

 Afina of Anna's Cats, female, kitten, PER ds 33. The owner Anna Anokhina, Moscow

Четвертое место- кошечка нашего питомника Афина, окрас красный серебристый пойнт, PER ds 33, владелец  Анна Анохина,

V place devided between males  Igrik and Patritsy

Igrik, male, PER e, V place in the monobreed Cats Show. The owner Irina Tsvetkova, Moscow.

Пятое место котик Игрик 

V place in the monobreed Cats Show

  Patritsy Silver Infant of Dubrava, veteran, male, PER es 22. The owner Nataliya Salnikova, Moscow.

Пятое место котик Патрик

VI place in the monobreed Cats Show

Marshall Flores, male, PER d. The owner Nataliya Kuznetsova, Moscow.











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