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Standards of Persian cats Traditional classical type

Body. The medium to large sized cat has a compact, massive, stocky body form close to the square. Sexual dimorphism is: weight for  male cats from 3 to 8 kg, for  female cats from 3 to 5 kg. Legs  are straight and thick. Paws are large, round, strong and short. Wisps of hair between the toes is desirable. Chest, shoulders and back are equal large with massive muscle. Neck is short, powerful, well muscled. The tail is short, in proportion to the compact body, thick, with a rounded tip. Furnishing is dense and long (bushy).

Head. The skull is rounded, massive, low cheekbones, full cheeks and a domed forehead. Muzzle of medium length. Nose broad, in profile clearly expressed deepening - stop. The length of the nose below the foot is approximately equal to its width. Chin and lower jaw are broad, strong. Face open and expressive.

Ears. Ears are of medium size, with rounded tips, set wide and low on the skull. The inner part is covered with thick brushes, so it is slightly located the base of the ear does not seem open to the public.

Eyes. Eyes wide, round, wide open, bright and expressive. Eye color corresponds to the color of wool.

Coat. Wool is soft, delicate, silky texture, with abundant undercoat. Soft, but not wadded. On the trunk, on average, to 10 cm long and feathered, covering the shoulders and chest, pants - up to 20 cm long.

Colour varieties.. Color options allows all color color. Color colorpoint recognized in all clors without white. Description of colors are in the list of colors to the Persians.

Colorpoint eyes are blue, a more saturated color  is preferred.


  •  Poorly defined stop.
  •  Too flat or too high skull.
  •  Too stretched body 


  • Lack of clearly defined stop.
  • bulging or sunken eyes,
  • Disqualification for colorpoint are any white markings or white toes, as well as any other eye color except blue.

Scale of points


20 points


30 points

Colour of the eyes

15 points

Coat, texture, length and colour

30 points


5 points


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