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Thank you are now reading this page!

If you like this website and you took here any information, met interesting people, found a kitten, if our website became useful for you, and you wish to help – it will be a good present for us! Your support will take a new resource for our projects.

You may help in this sight promoting.  Tell your friends about us.

You may to extend our content. If you have your own information about the classical Persian cats, please, send it us. You may also write an actual article, or translate any content from English, French or German.

You may give us a technical help also. We need consultations of program writers and designers.

 Tell us about mistakes. If you find mistakes, please, tell us.

You may help the cats in need and victims of any disasters. All the money will be paid for a medical help to cats, victims of any disaster.

 You may support our project with some money. If you are ready, connect us. Even a little sum will be a good present for us. You can see more here:

If you have your personal proposition, write us.


 Thank you for support!


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